Dr. Forsberg Flemming Forsberg , PhD

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-4870
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Research and Clinical Interests
Contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging, in particular subharmonic imaging and subharmonic aided pressure estimation, as well as ultrasound image processing and Elastography.


Most recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Contrast-enhanced sonography for detection of secondary lymph nodes in a melanoma tumor animal model
  2. Microcalcifications Versus Artifacts: Initial Evaluation of a New Ultrasound Image Processing Technique to Identify Breast Microcalcifications in a Screening Population
  3. The antiangiogenic effects of a vascular endothelial growth factor decoy receptor can be monitored in vivo using contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging
  4. Subharmonic aided pressure estimation for monitoring interstitial fluid pressure in tumours - In vitro and in vivo proof of concept
  5. Perfusion estimation using contrast-enhanced 3-Dimensional subharmonic ultrasound imaging: An in vivo study
  6. Correlation of ultrasound contrast agent derived blood flow parameters with immunohistochemical angiogenesis markers in murine xenograft tumor models
  7. Chronic liver disease : Noninvasive subharmonic aided pressure estimation of hepatic venous pressure gradient
  8. On the implementation of an automated acoustic output optimization algorithm for subharmonic aided pressure estimation
  9. Guidelines and Good Clinical Practice Recommendations for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) in the Liver - Update 2012. A WFUMB-EFSUMB Initiative in Cooperation with Representatives of AFSUMB, AIUM, ASUM, FLAUS and ICUS
  10. Guidelines and good clinical practice recommendations for contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in the liver - Update 2012
  11. Delineation of atherosclerotic plaque using subharmonic imaging filtering techniques and a commercial intravascular ultrasound system
  12. A noninvasive approach for metastatic lymph node ablation using histotripsy tissue fractionation
  13. Perfusion estimation using 3D subharmonic imaging: An in vivo study
  14. On the utility of subharmonic microbubble signals to detect portal hypertension
  15. Noninvasive right ventricular pressure estimation in vivo using the subharmonic emissions from ultrasound contrast agents
  16. 4D subharmonic imaging in vivo
  17. Contrast enhanced transrectal ultrasound for the detection of prostate cancer: A randomized, double-blind trial of dutasteride pretreatment
  18. Investigating the Efficacy of Subharmonic Aided Pressure Estimation for Portal Vein Pressures and Portal Hypertension Monitoring
  19. Acute portal hypertension models in dogs: Low- and high-flow approaches
  20. Subharmonic microbubble emissions for noninvasively tracking right ventricular pressures

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