University IT Governance:
Education Technology Advisory Group
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To promote closer coordination between AISR, Jeff IT as well as the colleges and their schools to enhance the use of technology in medical and health sciences education.

More specifically, the IT strategic plan calls for this group to:

  • Discuss and identify significant new technology needs of faculty and students.
  • Provide heads-up of anticipated services that may affect university IT infrastructure.
  • Encourage the use and sharing of instructional technology resources across the University.
  • As requested, vet proposals for major new initiatives and advocate for funding.
  • Advise AISR and Jeff-IT on instructional technology priorities.
  • As requested, advise on policy changes that affect technologies related to teaching and learning.


  • Director of AISR (Chair)
  • One other representative from AISR
  • University CIO
  • Another representative from Jeff IT
  • Two faculty representatives from each College, appointed by the Dean
  • A student representative from each College, appointed by the Dean
  • A resident with the appointment coordinated by the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Initial Focus

The Initial issues the Group will address include:

  • Advise Jeff IT and AISR on technology-enabling classrooms.
  • Work with Jeff IT and AISR to resolve issues related to ubiquitous access.
  • Develop support mechanisms and incentives for faculty to adopt instructional technologies and develop digital materials.
  • Develop directions and priorities for introducing advanced technologies (e.g. visualization, simulation, virtual reality systems) into the University.
  • Develop a coordinated strategy for technology for handheld computing devices.

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