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Information Technology Council
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Key points about the Information Technology Council are:

  • By virtue of its primary activities, the University has a broad range of information technology (IT) interests that span the instructional, clinical, research and administrative domains.  Meeting these interests effectively requires that the needs within and across domains are well integrated through common practices and a more disciplined approach to the prioritization, management, and use of IT. 
  • By identifying and analyzing key IT issues, the Council will fulfill a lead role in providing guidance about how technology can help accomplish vital institutional goals and objectives.

Meeting quarterly, the Information Technology Council:

  • Seeks to understand the benefits and implications of new IT initiatives and advises on policy changes associated with the use of technology pertaining to these initiatives.
  • Provides a platform for surfacing technology needs to support major institution-level activities in the areas of instruction, clinical practice, research and administration.
  • Vets and prioritizes proposals for resources, and recommend the allocation of resources across approved proposals and projects.
  • Advises the TJU CIO of stakeholder IT issues, including matters pertaining to priorities and services.
  • Works with Jeff IT to manage technology consistently across the institution based on the adoption of a formal project selection and life cycle process.
  • Coordinates the activities of the other University IT governance advisory groups as needed.
  • Helps align the IT planning calendar with the University budgeting process.
  • Assesses the progress of the TJU IT strategic plan and helps keep the plan current.
  • Assists in establishing and communicating to the TJU community goals, priorities, policies and future directions for IT, advocating for required funding when appropriate.

The initial issue set includes:

  • Developing a framework for IT project planning, prioritization and selection.
  • Reviewing IT support at the University and helping to devise a more effective model(s).
  • Coordinating IT activities at the departmental, college, divisional and corporate levels so that technology is managed consistently across the institution.
  • Ensuring that consistent communications are maintained throughout the TJU community.
  • Advising Jeff IT and the CIO of key stakeholder issues, including matters pertaining to priorities, performance, and services.

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This group has one subcommittee: Information Technology Security Committee

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