Campus IT Governance:
IT Oversight Board

Key points about the IT Oversight Board are:

  • There will be instances where issues can only be resolved by decisions made jointly by executives of Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH).
  • The four members of the Board are the President of TJU, the CEO of TJUH, the CIO of TJU and the CIO of TJUH.
  • The Board meets quarterly and as needed.
  • The two CIOs will provide the data and analysis needed for the Board to have a productive discussion, and for the two CEOs to come to a decision.
  • Ideally, the CIOs will develop and bring forward a joint position, but at times different perspectives are
    brought to the table.
  • Other individuals (e.g., VPs, CFOs) will be brought in when their expertise or opinion is needed.
  • When appropriate, issues will be vetted by the appropriate advisory group (i.e., Administrative Systems, Clinical Systems, and Technical Architecture and Directions) before they reach the Oversight Board. Every effort will be made to resolve issues at the advisory group level.
  • Commitment by the Hospital and University to the Oversight Board is an opportunity to make better decisions, enhance IT operations and services, and make better use of resources.

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