Course Profile

Adv Diagnostic Micro  ( 2.00 credits )

Course Number:682
CRN Number:70078
Term:Spring 2013
Starting date:  03/18/2013 
Ending date:  06/07/2013 
Meeting Day:  Thursday 
Meeting Time:  05:00 pm-06:55 pm 
Regularly assigned classroom:  JAH M25 
Prerequisites:  None Specified 
Instructor:  Buescher 

Course Description: 

A seminar course dealing with contemporary issues in Clinical Microbiology. Such issues include the biology and nature of emerging agents of infectious disease, pathogenesis and disease spectrum of disease produced by such agents, epidemiology of disease produced by such agents, laboratory diagnosis of the agents, and therapeutic considerations. Additional issues include the need to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and to achieve cost-effectiveness in the era of managed care and cost containment. A final issue is the ability of the microbiologist to present, in a clear and understandable fashion, such issues discussed above to fellow scientists, laboratory administrators, and laboratory clients. 

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