Course Profile

Adv Fundamentals of Immunology  ( 2.00 credits )

Course Number:505B
CRN Number:80283
Term:Spring 2013
Starting date:  02/11/2013 
Ending date:  03/15/2013 
Meeting Day:  Tue, Thu 
Meeting Time:  01:00 pm-02:55 pm 
Regularly assigned classroom:  JAH 472 
Prerequisites:  None Specified 
Instructor:  Sykulev 

Course Description: 

A comprehensive 6 week course encompassing the major areas of Immunology. Part B: Immune tolerance, microbial immunity; transplantation; tumor immunology. The format will involve both lecture and discussion of specific topics, and students will be encouraged to acquire an understanding of classical and modern immunological concepts through analysis of experimental bases. Discussion of critical techniques in Immunology will be incorporated throughout the course. Assigned reading. Prerequisite: IMP 505A. 

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