Course Profile

MolecuImmunolgy&Immunogenetics  ( 3.00 credits )

Course Number:632
CRN Number:80440
Term:Spring 2013
Starting date:  03/18/2013 
Ending date:  06/07/2013 
Meeting Day:  Thursday 
Meeting Time:  01:00 pm-03:55 pm 
Regularly assigned classroom:  JAH 472 
Prerequisites:  IMP 505A * or IMP 505B * 
Instructor:  Zhang 

Course Description: 

This course concentrates on the molecular and genetic basis of lymphocyte receptor signal transduction, activation, and maturation. Emphasis will also be placed on the rold of cytokines and interaction molecules for antigen recognition and cytotoxic mechanisms. The immunogenetics of MCH and non MCH molecules and their impact upon immune responses will also be discussed. Through assigned reading and discussion of notable scientific literature in these areas, students will gain an understanfing of the current concepts. 

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