Course Profile

Information Systems in Organiz  ( 3.00 credits )

Course Number:525
CRN Number:70206
Term:Fall 2013
Starting date:  09/03/2013 
Ending date:  11/30/2013 
Meeting Day:  Tuesday 
Meeting Time:  05:00 pm-07:55 pm 
Regularly assigned classroom:  JAH M25 
Prerequisites:  None Specified 
Instructor:  Bross 

Course Description: 

This course is designed to provide a detailed understanding of information systems and their use within the modern organization. It will explore the essential components of the systems and analyze how each is developed and linked into a production system. Contemporary computing concepts will be examined and a profile of strategic information management issues will be presented. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of technology in assisting organizations to meet their operational and strategic goals. The course incorporates Internet activities, spreadsheets, and a database management package. 

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