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Vaccinology&Immunotherapeutics  ( 2.00 credits )

Course Number:522
CRN Number:80459
Term:Spring 2014
Starting date:  03/24/2014 
Ending date:  06/13/2014 
Meeting Day:  Tuesday 
Meeting Time:  03:30 pm-05:25 pm 
Regularly assigned classroom:  JAH M25 
Prerequisites:  MI 505 GR and MI 521 GR 
Instructor:  McGettigan 

Course Description: 

Vaccines and immunotherapeutics are perhaps one of the greatest contributions of the scientific community to the prevention and control of infectious diseases. Nonetheless, their development and use relies and is influenced by a set of complex issues, including microbe-host interactions, the emergence and re-emergence of infectious diseases and economic and commercial concerns. This course will focus current topics in vaccines and immunotherapeutics in fighting disease. These topics will also be discussed in the context of global health considerations such as vaccine costs, cultural acceptance of immunization and adverse experiences that might prevent their effective utilization. The course will be a combination traditional lecture format, seminars, and Special Lecture Series by outside experts in the field of vaccine research, production, and public health. 

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