Course Profile

Pharmacoepidemiology  ( 2.00 credits )

Course Number:654
CRN Number:80522
Term:Spring 2014
Starting date:  01/06/2014 
Ending date:  03/21/2014 
Meeting Day:  Tuesday 
Meeting Time:  04:30 pm-06:30 pm 
Regularly assigned classroom:  COLL 203 
Prerequisites:  MI 580 GR and GC 660 GR 
Instructor:  Maio/Foley 

Course Description: 

The principal goal for this course is to provide students with a clear understanding of what pharmacoepidemiology is, and to introduce important issues in this field. Emphasis on ways in which the observational study of drugs can draw on standard epidemiologic methods, and explore the ways in which drugs present unique research problems and opportunities. Students completing the course will: 1) Demonstrate knowledge of pharmacoepidemiology, its applications, and current issues; 2) Summarize the drug safety system inside and outside of the United States; 3) Appraise the literature in pharmacoepidemiology; 4) Have the ability to describe the interaction between research and public policy. 

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