Course Profile

EconAnal of HealthcareInterven  ( 3.00 credits )

Course Number:650
CRN Number:81015
Term:Spring 2014
Starting date:  03/24/2014 
Ending date:  06/13/2014 
Meeting Day:  Thursday 
Meeting Time:  05:00 pm-07:55 pm 
Regularly assigned classroom:  HAMIL 504 
Prerequisites:  None Specified 
Instructor:  Foley 

Course Description: 

This course provides a thorough introduction to the field of pharmacoeconomics and disease management. Beginning with the basics such as reasons for study, the challenges facing experts, and the significance of the science, the course will propel students through the practical knowledge necessary to embark on current, valid, comprehensive studies. Cost benefit, cost utility, cost effectiveness methods will be defined in detail. Accounting and finance will be integrated with statistics and database skills. Students will learn how to use available technology to their advantage and will gain hands-on experience by conducting case studies of their own. In addition, the course includes a general introduction to managed care, including all relevant terminology, government institutions, current public policy, and varying viewpoints of experts in the field. 

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