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Diagnostic Parasitology   ( 2.00 credits )

Course Number:520
CRN Number:70367
Term:Summer 2011
Start Date End Date Time Day Building Room #
06/13/2011 06/16/2011 06:00 pm-07:55 pm Thu JAH M61
06/17/2011 09/02/2011 06:00 pm-07:55 pm Thu JAH 509
Prerequisites:  None Specified 
Instructor:  Conti 

Course Description: 

This course familiarizes the students in the M.S. Microbiology program with the medically important parasites. Students will use hypermedia computer assisted learning modules which include high resolution photographic images with overlays of descriptive text, illustrations and detailed textual information. Information on the following areas will be included in the computer learning program: lifecycle stages, geographical distribution, epidemiology and prevention, clinical characteristics, therapy for and pathogenesis of each of the medically important parasites. A variety of graphical menus and maps representing the life cycles of individual parasites are available to interested students. Laboratory sessions will be held so that students will become familiar with the technical procedures used for the identification of parasites and the selection of appropriate specimens for laboratory testing. Supplemental lectures will provide students with information from recent journal articles in the field covering such topics as immunology, antiparasitic drug therapy, and vaccine development. 

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