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Master's Research-DB   ( 1.00 to 6.00 credits )

Course Number:880
CRN Number:70451
Term:Spring 2013
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Prerequisites:  None Specified 
Instructor:  Grunwald 

Course Description: 

The traditiional lagoratory research-based MS thesis option requires six (6) credits of research. Students, working under the superision of a research advisor and a thesis committee will formulate research questions, record, and analyze the research data. Presentation of completed research will be made by students in a public forum prior to graduation. In addition to this traditional completion option of the laboratory or bench-based research path, a new Capstone Option, also requiring six (6) credits is offered which will require independent study and research integrated with a Caspstone Project. The culminating Capstone Project will result in a formal scholarly work reflecting integration of the scientific knowledge and technical and management skills learned in the program through didactic course work focused in an area chosen jointly by the student and the Capstone Advisor with the approval of the Program Director. The Capstone Project will be supervised by a Capstone Project Committee. In much the same manner as a traditional laboratory research thesis, the final Capstone Project thesis document will be approved by a Capstone Committee, presented publicly and defended as would a laboratory research thesis. 

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