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Mike's Story

Enjoying Carousel Rides With His Grandchildren

With a new grandchild on the way, cancer was not in Mike's plans. With some of the nation's highest survival rates for prostate cancer, Mike found the hope he needed at Jefferson. Now, cancer free, he's back to spoiling his grandkids.

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Carmen's Story

Becoming the life of the party again

A diagnosis of multiple myeloma wasn't going to slow Carmen down. With a blood and marrow transplant program that has some of the highest survival rates in the region, Carmen turned to Jefferson where she received a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Today, Carmen is celebrating every moment.

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David's Story

Regaining life's wonderful flavor

Diagnosed with Stage IV head and neck cancer, David needed to act quickly. He turned to Jefferson, which is ranked among the nation's best for treating cancer, for some of the most innovative therapies. Today, cancer free, his appetite for life has no limits.

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Eileen's Story

Walking my dog in the park

Diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer, Eileen entrusted her care to the experienced specialists in gynecologic oncology at Jefferson. Today, cancer free, she's more active than ever - walking her dog or offering support to other cancer patients.

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Brent's Story

Cheering louder than
43,000 other fans

At 26, Brent was diagnosed with Stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Life threw him a curve ball he wasn't expecting. Thankfully, the expertise and compassion he found at Jefferson gave him the courage he needed. Now, cancer free, he's enjoying every moment back in the game.

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Donna's Story

Helping cancer patients heal with yoga

When Donna was diagnosed with lung cancer, she turned to Jefferson specialists for her care. A multidisciplinary team of experts developed a personalized treatment plan that saved Donna's life. Today, cancer free, she's back to breathing easy.

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Nicole's Story

Read Nicole's Story Read Nicole's Story

Seeing the world through her child's eyes

Pregnant, and diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, Nicole needed options. She turned to Jefferson's team of experts that developed a personalized plan that saved Nicole's life and her baby's. Today, cancer free, Nicole is grateful for every moment with her precious daughter.

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