EMpoweR™About EMR

JUP's physician-driven EMR is about more than just innovative technology. It's about saving lives, providing quality care, enhancing administrative cost-effectiveness, and disaster preparation.

And importantly, it's physician friendly.

EMR is past being the future. It is the present.Physician Friendly

JUP's EMR is a Web-based program that provides true "anywhere-anytime" patient records access. What's more, in both EMR use and EMR programming, it's intuitive, including automated learning of doctor preferences.

Physicians will have more time to spend taking care of patients rather than dealing with time-consuming, paper-based administrative and clinical activities.

With real-time results reporting, patient follow-up alerts, paperless chart management, and workflow automation, JUP's EMR makes practicing medicine less demanding and much, much more rewarding.

Disaster Preparation

EMR protects Jefferson medical records from threats like floods, terrorism, or theft.

Hospital physicians and administration in New Orleans recognized the importance of EMR when it was too late. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit, the floods wiped out medical records.

By protecting Jefferson medical records with EMR, we are protecting our patients and ourselves.


If one chart costs fifteen dollars to make, update, dictate, file, and retrieve, 100 patient charts cost fifteen hundred dollars.

EMR eliminates paper, reduces liability exposure and insurance costs, and saves time. And that's not all.

Quality Care

EMR is an electronic tool kit that enables the entire Jefferson staff to provide a higher level of patient care through increased accuracy, information availability, and efficiency.

Saving Lives

EMR reduces the errors that cost patients' lives. That's why EMR has become a prominent political issue.

President George Bush called for the nationwide adoption of EMR by 2013. And presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made EMR a central issue of her campaign because "we would save lives."

Innovative Technology

2 EMR TechniciansThe technology behind EMR enables dramatic improvements in clinical practice, as well as business processes.

By providing process automation, knowledge integration, and easy, ubiquitous access to patient data, EMR empowers Jefferson to realize significant gains in the quality of care, clinical efficiency, and practice revenue.

Certified by the Certification Committee for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) as meeting CCHIT ambulatory electronic health records criteria for 2006, JUP's chosen EMR program is the best available.