EMpoweR™Clinical Analyst

JUP's EMR Clinical Analysts are at your service for application issues, enhancement requests, upgrades, and adapting the software to match your practice's unique workflow.

In addition to managing your ongoing EMR needs, they have been working with the physician advocates and programming team to identify best practices and anticipate your needs and concerns.

As you go live with EMR, a clinical analyst will be on site to work with you and your staff, making your transition
efficient and effective. They'll also ensure that the EMR is working for you.

Core Functions Overview:

Application Related Issues

  • Troubleshooting
  • Application Testing: manage
  • Application Upgrades: organize and manage
  • Escalation Processes: manage issues
  • TouchWorks Application Support Model and Processes: establish and maintain

EMR Best Practices

  • Identify and support implementation

Practice/Department Workflows

  • Clinical: develop and manage
  • Future State: develop and implement

Staff Support

  • Respond to application related issues
  • Respond to "how to" questions
  • Conduit for enhancement requests