EMpoweR™Clinical Transformation

There are many benefits to EMR, but what makes Jefferson's EMR program unique is its inclusion of clinical transformation. empower™ is the initiative by which JUP physicians and staff leverage technology to ensure the "IDEAL" patient experience.

The Plan:

Through empower™, each practice will receive the following personalized attention from our clinical analysts, physician advocates, and EMR sponsors:

  • Evaluation of the workflow needs of each individual practice
  • Identification of areas of workflow improvement
  • Identification, design, and implementation of areas of standardization across practices and departments
  • Identification and implementation of best practices in medicine, administration, patient care, and EMR usage.

The Results:

By measuring the above enterprises and adopting our findings into EMR and clinical practice, JUP will be able to:

  • Provide a clearinghouse of "best practices" for physicians and staff
  • Make certain that EMR is working to its maximum potential for each practice
  • Eliminate frustrating tasks, such as looking for misplaced charts
  • Provide superior patient care
  • Improve quality of life amongst all Jefferson staff
  • Decrease liability
  • Ensure a gentle transformation to EMR