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Clinical Analysts

Helping Your Practice Design Its Own Future

The clinical analysts are the EMR agents of change. They work with each practice to help identify and develop best practices that support the clinical transformation to the future state - utilizing the EMR. Their involvement in each practice begins with in-depth current-state analysis then they guide and assist through EMR planning and pre-live preparation. As core members of each practice's EMR team and they continue to help assess and refine best practices through implementation and beyond.

Adaptation to the new technology is their specialty. Click here to read their core functions.

The Training Team

EMR TrainingHelping Your Practice Work with EMR

They are task masters instructing you and your staff on the ins and outs of how EMR works in a day-to-day functionality.

Providing support and fielding your questions is their specialty.

Click here to see if your questions can be answered with their list of EMR frequently asked questions.

The Support Team

EMR SupportHere for You

Specializing in desktop, mobile computing solutions, networking and wireless infrastructure, the EMR Infrastructure Support Team is available to support every technical aspect of EMR. In collaboration with clinical analysts, application developers, trainers and clients, the team is dedicated to the research and development of new computing technologies to foster a positive experience for EMR end users.

The Programming Team

EMR ProgrammingMaking EMR Just for You

The team is prepped to build, test, install, and support every technical aspect of EMR.

Their specialty is building EMR to match your workflow and providing physician application support.