EMpoweR™EMR Project

This all-in-one source for tracking EMR project progress includes regularly updated milestones and the project status.

EMR Roles & Responsibilities

Task Force Committee
of the JUP Board

On behalf of the JUP Board, the Task Force Committee shall commission the program that implements all or part of the project.

Project Executive
Steering Committee

Establish business direction, scope, and priorities.

EMR Executive Sponsors

Ensures project goals align with organizational goals.

EMR Project Sponsors

Focuses senior management attention on key issues and their resolution. Where executive committee approval for a decision is needed, the program sponsor obtains it.

Project Director

Define and control the program while working to align program objectives with the overall business strategy.

Project Teams

Coordinates and performs system and application testing.

Physician Advisory Team

Provide input on small, medium and large system and process design decisions that relate to physicians.

Clinical Transformation Team

Develop redesign and transformation strategic "vision".

Infrastructure Team

Collaborates with clinical analysts, application developers, trainers and clients, and is dedicated to the research and development of new computing technologies to foster a positive EMR experience.

Finance/Budget Team

Performs financial analyses and reporting activities.

Communication Team

Develop and execute an appropriate communication plan and activities for the project.

EMR Roll Out Schedule

Roll Out Schedule

EMR Project Status (Timeline)

Oto Timeline 0328

EMR Pre-live Milestones

Pre-live Milestones