EMpoweR™EMR Features

TouchWorks™ is designed to meet the needs of demanding specialty and multi-specialty clinical environments. Speed and customization are its core deliverables. Its features provide dynamic tools for documentation and orders, connectivity, an advanced user experience, user configurability, and seamless support for pay-for-performance and quality initiatives.

Feature offers the ability to: contents:
Tools for Documentation & Order
  • Create clinical notes
  • Configure dynamically
  • Automatically select and insert forms, illustrations, graphs, lists, and tables
  • Use text-based and dictation-
    based methods
  • Control formatting
  • Choose problem-based or
    non-problem-based assessment/plan
  • Clinical note creation application
  • Flexible note forms
  • Illustrations, graphs, tables, lists
  • Multiple style options
Prefigured Lists for
All Major Specialties
  • Access and modify ready-to-use clinical content
  • Problems list
  • Medications list
  • Orders list
  • Allergies list
  • Immunizations list
Prefigured , Modifiable
Note Forms:
  • Access and modify ready-to-use clinical content
  • 300+ symptoms forms
  • 100 chronic problem HPI forms
  • Complete set of physical exam forms by gender and age
  • Health maintenance exams forms
Order Concept Dictionary
  • Access ready-to-use medical dictionary
  • Apply to development of the site-specific Order Item Master
  • All possible diagnostic and therapeutic orders
Integrated Functionality:
Universal Application Integrator (UAI™)
  • Support third party plug-in applications
  • Incorporate devices, features, and functions written by third parties
  • Complete compatibility test and certification by Allscripts
  • Standard interface
Advanced User Experience
Add Clinical Item Workspace
  • Choose from thousands of innate features
  • Add new problems, allergies, etc. to list
  • Write prescriptions
  • Write new orders
  • Document a chief complaint
  • Single workspace with immediate access to thousands of choices
Easy Access Browser-based Application: .NET
  • Install easily on multiple PCs
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Create applications with thick-client benefits
  • Store copious information in local memory
  • Respond in sub-second time
  • User interface similar to Windows applications
  • Local memory
Ubiquitous Chart Access
  • Access chart anytime, anywhere through Web interface
  • Access entire chart
  • Most charting functions
Chart Search Tool:
  • Quickly find information in the chart
  • Display notes, results, and/or scans simultaneously
  • Google™-like search engine
Manage Problems:
Problems Tool
  • Create and review active problems and patient history
  • Organize problems
  • Problem-finding capabilities
Manage Prescriptions
and Orders:
Medications/Orders Tool
  • Manage the display and writing of prescriptions or orders
  • Write complex scheduled orders
  • Write a split prescription
  • Calculate drug dosages
  • Order and prescribe using Quicksets
  • Problem-based assessment of popular orders and prescriptions for complex disease sets
Automated Chart Summarization and Extraction:
Encounters & Health Management
  • Instantly access summary of previous encounters
  • View problems and medications added or modified
  • View orders and results
  • Sort rapidly through complex data
  • Interactive summary/discussion section form
  • Automated, comprehensive, problem-oriented summaries of patients
User Configurability
Needs-based Design:
Clinical Desktop
  • Explicitly or automatically update lists
  • Specialty-specific design capabilities
Advanced List Management
  • Install easily on multiple PCs
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Create applications with thick-client benefits
  • Store copious information in local memory
  • Respond in sub-second time
  • Specialty-based lists
  • Add Clinical Item workspace
Seamless Support for Pay-for-performance & Quality Initiatives
Capture and Report
Quality Measures:
  • Deliver clinicians guideline information in real time
  • Set up program using defaults
  • Create a standard guideline-driven plan
  • Automatically generate prescriptions, orders, updated medication and problem lists
  • Automatically populate the assessment and plan in the not
  • Automatically deliver updates and new templates to users
  • Review and change edits prior to template release
  • 1200+ templates
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Medication, diagnostic, therapeutic, and referral choices based on clinical evidence, specific patient presentation and comorbidities
  • Prescriptive patient instructions
  • Customized patient education handouts
  • Customized Health Management
  • Plans by problem or event