EMpoweR™Guiding Principles
Empowering EMR with Insight and Integrity

A primary driver for decisions regarding the JUP EMR will be to ensure the delivery of quality patient care.

Patient Safety
A primary driver for all decisions regarding the JUP EMR will be to ensure safe patient care.

Patient Services
Available functionality will be leveraged to enhance the patient experience with JUP.

Patient Satisfaction
Patient satisfaction is a primary focus of JUP.

Evaluation and Demonstration of Quality
The JUP EMR will be designed and implemented in a fashion that permits ongoing evaluation and standardization of quality of care rendered by each provider.

Decision Making
Decisions regarding the JUP EMR will be made within the JUP governance structure that supports both enterprise-wide and multi-specialty perspectives, while sustaining the academic and research missions of the University. The decision process will be transparent and have clearly delineated lines of communication.

EMR Adoption
The JUP EMR will be universally adopted and will be used as designed.

Care Collaboration
The JUP EMR will support care collaboration across JUP, TJUH, and external organizations.

Campus Collaboration
Alignment of process and systems will promote the ideal patient experience and enable long term integration.

Clinical Content
Clinical information, using the Allscripts clinical content library (CCL) will be defined and managed within the JUP EMR governance.

The JUP EMR project requires a collaborative communication strategy supported by a communication team with representation from all stakeholder groups.

Operational Efficiency
The JUP EMR will be designed to improve operational efficiency and promote patient safety and clinical excellence.

Economic Impact
The JUP EMR implementation will maintain a financial focus and facilitate achievement of the ROI.

Go Live Productivity
Practice productivity related to the JUP EMR "go live" is expected to decrease transiently and there will be a plan to minimize its impact.