EMpoweR™EMR Training Center

Every empower™ user — from administrative staff to physicians — will receive hands-on training from JUP's experienced EMR pros.

You will have 24-hour access to the online training center to:

With JUP's empower™, our physicians and staff will always have someone to call. Click here to contact EMR Training.

Bookmark this page as more materials will be available in the near future as the program evolves.



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EMR Call Process
EMR Medications

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Training Manuals

Introduction to JUP EMR
Call Processing
Patient Intake

Job Aids

Viewing the JUP EMR
Call Processing & Tasking
Patient Intake
Tasking & Worklists

Tip Sheets

Remote Access to the JUP EMR
Copying a Task to a Note
Creating Unstructured Notes