EMR Rollout Update #3:
JUP Rolls Out Newest EMR Version, Becomes Industry Pioneer

Across the nation, healthcare networks currently using TouchWorks™ EMR are in the process of upgrading to its newest version which is the one being introduced by JUP. By selecting the most comprehensive application level of TouchWorks™ EMR, JUP has eliminated the need to implement an upgrade soon after its introduction. This means that JUP is not only pioneering the new software’s clinical customization, but also best practices for its training and launch. This serves to underscore why the aggressive Alpha Test with Department of Otolaryngology was so vital to JUP. Among the many lessons learned is that EMR modules need to be phased in to real-world clinical use – and JUP’s subsequent Beta Test is proving this to be the right approach.

First Look at EMR Reveals Immediate Benefits to Physicians

Physicians new to EMR will understand its benefits the first time they view a patient’s file. All medical information including test reports are literally at their fingertips. Physicians no longer have to leave their patients during office visits to hunt for test results.
Physicians and staff have been introduced to EMR in a “view only” mode, which provides them with access to a patient’s medical history and all test results -- even if the patient has 20-30 years of recorded medical history. All JUP patients’ data from TJUH labs, imaging, op notes, discharge summaries, etc. are now flowing into the EMR.

in his words

Dr. David Rosen
Associate Professor
Department of Otolaryngology

"We’re the pioneers and leaders who advance medical care and certainly electronic records are the future. We should be the one experimenting with and developing EMR."