EMR Rollout Update #4:
Upcoming EMR Module to Recognize Speech

Shortly after the Beta launch, JUP learned that Dr. Christopher Skidmore, an instructor in the Department of Neurology, was already a user of software that is planned to be a module of JUP's EMR: DragonTM NaturallySpeaking®. An off-the-shelf speech recognition program, Dragon is used for medical transcriptions. Dr. Skidmore uses Dragon in combination with Microsoft® Word and a Dictaphone plugged into his computer's USB port.

As a Dragon user, Dr. Skidmore describes himself as now being self sufficient in his ability to dictate and transcribe his own patient notes without the need for, or an expense of, hiring an outside medical transcription service. According to Dr. Skidmore, "I can record directly into my computer and the software instantly transcribes my words while I'm watching the screen, or I can use my Dictaphone to record, and later plug it into my computer and it transcribes automatically." Dr. Skidmore believes that the Dragon software module will add value to JUP's EMR.