EMR Rollout Update #6:
EMR Pace Accelerates at Both Ends of JUP’s Clinical Spectrum

JUP’s Beta Testers are the energetic pacesetters for EMR software training and phase-in. The Departments of Otolaryngology and Family and Community Medicine, representing both ends of the clinical spectrum, partnered with JUP in early 2008 to provide real-world learning labs for the testing and phase-in of Allscripts® EMR. Today the 300 physicians, staff and medical students who work in these two departments have integrated View, Tasking, e-Prescribing, Scanning and Note into their paperless chart routines; and their physicians have electronically transmitted more than 11,000 prescriptions to patient pharmacies. In addition, Family Medicine is trialing the Order module with 6 providers using it to order x-rays and lab tests; and staff using it to complete point-of-care orders.

EMR in View for Hospital-based Practices

Five hospital-based practices now have the ability to access EMR’s View module. Empowered with JUP-customized Allscripts® software, physicians and staffs in the Departments of Anesthesiology, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Pathology, and Emergency Medicine will be able to view patients’ records without having to place phone calls or fax documents.

EMR Soon to Deliver in OB/GYN

Recent EMR developments in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology herald its near-term delivery with the identification and training of the department’s Super Users; the delivery, configuration and placement of equipment; and the culling and scanning of key documents in patient charts. JUP manages these three foundational activities as a pre-live activity before a department’s EMR phase-in begins. OB/GYN’s View module training and phase-in is anticipated at the end of October.