EMR Rollout Update #7:
Scanning Squad Helps Prepare Pre-Live Practices

Just as EMR rollout momentum has swelled, so have patient charts in departments that are not yet live on Allscripts®. That’s why JUP is bridging the gap between its initial scan of more than 6 million pages of patient medical records and the current patient record-scanning needs of its pre-live departments. The EMR Team has contracted with a scanning vendor and created a specialized task force, dubbed the “Scanning Squad,” to manage the process in order to ensure that the current brisk pace of EMR phase-in is maintained.

Pre-live practices, starting with the Division of Internal Medicine, can expect to work with the Scanning Squad during the process of patient document culling and scanning. The EMR Team scoped workflow and vendor needs in accordance with department phase-ins and expects a mid-2009 conclusion.