EMpoweR™Why EMR?

The federal government's first-ever health information czar, David J. Brailer, MD, PhD, made electronic health records a national priority in 2003. In Dr. Brailer's words, "People die because of paper."

Up to 98,000 deaths per year are attributed to medical errors, many of which are linked to mistakes that resulted from filling paper prescriptions. With EMR, Jefferson can be a part of the solution, proactively diminishing these unnecessary deaths.

EMR supports JUP's patient care approach - putting patients first and improving operational efficiency. It also gives Jefferson a competitive edge, ultimately attracting more patients to our practices. And with EMR, those patients will be evermore safe in our capable hands.

Patients First
Improved Patient Safety and Quality of Care

  • Quickening medical access to patient data across medical venues
  • Maximizing patient safety through automation
  • Elimination of data re-entry errors
  • Obviating handwriting interpretation
  • Ordering pharmaceuticals, procedures, and lab tests electronically

Operational Efficiency
Improve Efficiency through Patient Safety and Clinical Excellence

  • Escaping the medical care cost crunch through productivity
  • Reducing record-keeping and retrieval costs
  • Reducing errors, liability exposure, and insurance costs
  • Maximizing use with point-and-click data entry & retrieval

Competitive Edge
Gaining Industry Distinction

  • Getting ahead of the technology curve
  • Being an industry leader
  • Achieving success where others have failed
  • Gaining recognition and a competitive advantage