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Thomas Jefferson University - Christopher V. Chambers
Christopher V. Chambers

Family & Community Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson Medical College
Department of Family Medicine
Professor, Director of Clinical Trials

Thomas Jefferson University
Vaccine Center
Clinical Director

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Mailing Address
1015 Walnut Street, Room 401
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
United States
Contact Information
Phone: 215-955-2357
Fax: 215-955-0640
A.B. Princeton University, 1976

M.D. Duke University School of Medicine, 1980

Residency, Family Medicine, Thos Jefferson University Hospital, 1983

Fellowship, Adolescent Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, 1985

Board Certified, Family Medicine

Board Certified, Adolescent Medicine
Expertise and Research Interests
Research interests:
Sexually transmitted diseases
Prevention and management of chronic diseases

Director of Clinical Trials, Primary Care Research Center, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Current active trials:
Multiple trials involving HPV vaccine in various populations
Influenza vaccine
Pneumococcal vaccine

Thomas Jefferson University
Vaccine Center
Clinical Director
Other Expertise
Chairman, Thomas Jefferson University IRB
Board certified in Family Medicine and Adolescent Medicine
Industrial Relevance
As Clinical Director of Jefferson''s Vaccine Center, I am well-positioned to help industry identify clinical investigators at Jefferson for clinical trials work.
Adolescents; Vaccines; Human Papilloma Virus (HPV); Asthma; Clinical Trials; Family Medicine; Health Beliefs; Health Services Research; Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Campbell, JD, Chambers, CV, Brady R, Caldwell, M.C., Bennett, N.L, Fourneau, M., Jain, V.K., Innis, B. Immunologic non-inferiority of Fluarix versus Fluzone in US adults: A randomized, phase III study. Fluarix 2008; in press.
  • Patel, JV, Chambers, CV, Gomella, LG. Hematuria: etiology and evaluation for the primary care physician. The Canadian Journal of Urology 2008; 15 (Supplement 1):54-62
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  • Chambers CV, Straus WL, Diamond JJ, Trapani LL, Weeks M, Somvanshi N. A prospective, observational cohort study of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) use and the management of NSAID-related gastrointestinal symptoms by primary care patients. P & T 2003; 28(7):462-7.
  • Cheng C, Studdiford JS, Chambers CV, Diamond JJ, Paynter NP. Reliability of patient self-reported blood pressure. J Clin Hypertension 2002;4:259-264, 273.
  • Balsbaugh TA, Chambers CV, Diamond JJ. Asthma controller medications: What do patients want? J Asthma 36(7):591-6, 1999.
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  • Chambers CV, Diamond JJ, Perkel RL, Lasch LA. Relationship of advance directives to hospital charges in a Medicare population [see comments]. Archives of Internal Medicine. 154(5): 541-7, Mar 1994
  • Chambers CV, Balaban DJ, Carlson BL, Grasberger DM. The effect of microcomputer-generated reminders on influenza vaccination rates in a university-based family practice center. Journal of the American Board of Family Practice. 4(1): 19-26, 1991
  • Chambers CV, Balaban DJ, Carlson BL, Ungemack JA, Grasberger DM. Microcomputer-generated reminders. Improving the compliance of primary care physicians with mammography screening guidelines [see comments]. Journal of Family Practice. 29(3): 273-80, Sep 1989

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