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Thomas Jefferson University - Linda E. Greenbaum, MD
Linda E. Greenbaum, MD

Cancer Biology
Associate Professor of Cancer Biology

Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
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United States
Contact Information
M.D. Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medicine, 1980
Expertise and Research Interests
Regulation of liver regeneration: role of transcription factors for cell cycle regulation, regulation of hepatocyte proliferation by microRNAs.

Signaling pathways that regulate hepatic progenitor cell self-renewal and differentiation; role of progenitors in liver repair and development of stem cell liver cancers.
hepatocyte, liver, stem cell, transcription, fibrosis, carcinogenesis, cholangiocyte, microRNA
  • Mukherjee, D., Kaestner, K. H., and L. E. Greenbaum, L Fas-induced apoptosis in murine hepatocytes is dependent on C/EBPbeta. Hepatology, 33, 1166-72, 2001. PMID: 11343245.
  • Strey, C.W, Markiewski, M., Mastellos, D., Tudoran, R., Spruce, L.A., Greenbaum, L. E. and J.D. Lambris. The Proinflammatory Mediators c3a and c5a are essential for liver regeneration. J. Exp. Med. 198:913-923, 2003. PMID: 12975457.
  • Friedman, J. R., Larris, B., Le, P.P., Peiris, T.H., Arsenlis, A., Schug, J., Tobias, J.W., Kaestner, K.H. and L.E. Greenbaum. Orthogonal analysis of C/EBPbeta targets in vivo during liver proliferation. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., USA, 101:12986-12991, 2004. PMID: 15317935.
  • White, P, Brestelli, J.E., Kaestner, K.H. and L.E. Greenbaum. Identification of transcriptional networks during liver regeneration. J. Biol. Chem., 280:3715-3722, 2005. PMID: 15546871.
  • Zhang, L., Rubins, N., Ahima, R., Greenbaum, L.E., and K.H. Kaestner. FoxA2 mediates the hepatocyte response to fasting, Cell Metabolism 2:141-8, 2005. PMID: 16098831.
  • Wang, H., Larris, B., Peiris, T.H., Zhang, L., Le Lay, J., Gao, Y. and L.E. Greenbaum. C/EBPbeta activates E2F regulated genes in vivo via recruitment of the coactivator CBP/p300 , J. Biol. Chem., 282:24679-88, 2007. PMID: 17599912.
  • Wang, H., Peiris, T.H., Mowery, A., Le Lay, J., Gao, Y. and L.E. Greenbaum. C/EBPbeta is a transcriptional activator of PGC-1alpha in the regenerating liver, Molecular Endocrinology, 22:1596-605. PMID: 18467525.
  • Mullany, L.K., White, P., Hanse, E.A., Nelsen, C.J., Goggin, M.M., Mullany, J.E., Anttila, C.K., Greenbaum L.E., Kaestner, K.H., and J.H. Albrecht. Distinct proliferative and transcriptional effects of the D-type cyclins in vivo. Cell Cycle, 15:2215-24, 2008 (epub May 12, 2008). PMID: 18635970.
  • Sackett, S.D., Li, Z., Hurtt, R., Gao, Y., Wells, R.G., Brondell, K., Kaestner, K.H. and L.E. Greenbaum. Foxl1 is a marker of bipotential hepatic progenitor cells in the liver. Hepatology, 49:920-9, 2009 (ePub October 24, 2008). PMID: 19105206.
  • Sackett, S.D., Gao, Y., Shin, S., Esterson, Tsingalia, A., Hurtt, R., Brondell, K., Kaestner, K.H., and L.E. Greenbaum. Foxl1 promotes liver repair following cholestatic injury in mice. Laboratory Investigation, 2009, 12:1387-96. PMID: 19841618.
  • Greenbaum, L.E. and R.G. Wells. The Role of Stem Cells in Liver Repair and Fibrosis. International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 2009 November 13 (ePub ahead of print). PMID: 19914396
  • Gao, Y., Schug, J., McKenna, LB, Le Lay, J., Kaestner, K.H, and Greenbaum, L.E. Tissue-specific regulation of mouse MicroRNA genes in endoderm-derived tissues, Nucleic Acids Research, 2010 Sep 14 (epub ahead of print). PMID: 20843784
  • Shin, S., Walton, G., Aoki, R., Brondell, K, Schug, J., Fox, Al, Smirnova, O., Dorrell, C., Erker, Chu, A., Wells, R.G., Grompe, M., Greenbaum, L.E. and Kaestner, K. Foxl1-Cre-marked Adult Hepatic Progenitors Have Clonogenic and Bi-Lineage Differentiation Potential, Genes & Development, 2011 (In press).

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