Laurie Didyk, BSN '00, MSN '02
AtlantiCare | Nurse Practitioner
Atlantic City, NJ

I had been a nurse for 25 years before I went back for my Bachelor’s degree. Jefferson’s accelerated RN-BSN program, which I completed in just 9 months, was the perfect fit for a busy working professional like me.

Completing your degree at Jefferson is very convenient. Since Jefferson’s campus is minutes from the train station, I never drove from my home in South Jersey.

My Master’s degree was essentially funded by Jefferson, through the many academic scholarships I received as a graduate student. As a working parent, financial aid was very valuable to me; nothing was taken away from my family.

While I was at Jefferson, I needed to continue to work full-time to support my family. My advisors were very considerate of my needs and were willing to work my clinical rotations into my current schedule as an attending nurse in the operating room. They made sure all of my clinicals were in the surgical arena.

My clinical experiences at Jefferson taught me to have a global view of the nursing profession. I got to look at healthcare from a medical rather than solely a nursing perspective.

Jefferson faculty have very impressive credentials. Mary Bowen [Associate Professor, Jefferson School of Nursing] has her J.D., Ph.D., and is certified in intensive care nursing. I was not only impressed by her credentials, but also inspired and motivated by her work in the community. Mary inspired me to work hard — I graduated with honors and was president of the nursing honor society.