Information Services & Technology

Submit a Project Request

IS&T partners with the Jefferson enterprise clients in delivering information technology services and supporting all technology initiatives.

When client requests go beyond a specific service request, Solution Center call, or specific task a formal project request can be initiated.

We have included definitions, examples and key information to better serve our clients and determine the proper magnitude of proposed requests.

What is a Project?

A project is a set of related tasks constituting a concentrated effort over time involving multiple people or departments that goes beyond the discrete, one-time services of the Operations Center.  For example:

  • Develop or install a new application, (New Path Creation)
  • Solution refresh & Upgrade an existing application to a new version, hardware platform, or vendor (Release Management).
  • Optimization & Enhancement to existing solution
  • Renovation effort or move a department’s IS&T equipment to a new location.

What is Not a Project?

Work that is within the department’s normal operational duties/functions/responsibilities. Examples of very important work but not considered a project:

  • Routine data extracts
  • Support calls to fix an existing  application  
  • Routine application access and termination
  • Application and system patching
  • Fix a hardware or network connectivity problem with a PC
  • Train a new staff person on using remote network access
  • Choose a new smartphone or PDA
  • Install a new version of MS Office on a PC


Initiate a New IS&T Project

If you wish to have IS&T partner with you on an IT project, please include the key information listed below as part of the Service Request System submission. Until the system is combined, we ask to submit to either the TJU or the TJUH system based on if the project for either the University or Hospital.

Providing meaningful information will help the Demand Management Governance Team gain proper visibility to each effort.

Initiate a Project via the Service Request system per either University or TJUH Project

In the near future the Jefferson IS&T Project Management Office (PMO) will be rolling out an online project request form in an effort to streamline the project request process. For a better idea of the kinds of information needed for each question, please follow our sample.

  • Project Name
    Project or Initiative Name
  • Key stakeholders
    Project Executive Sponsor, Project Business sponsor, Project Physician Leader if applicable
  • Business Imperative
    Why are we doing this and How it is linked to the business strategy or operational need
  • Goal Statement
    Define in two sentences specificity of the goal for this project
  • Risk
    Describe the risk of not doing this project now and what if the project is delayed by 12 months
  • Areas Impacted
    List the functional areas impacted in terms of resources requirements and workflows changes
  • Benefits of the Project to Jefferson
    Benefit Realization Statement
  • Statement of Work and Scope
    Clearly communicate scope & help define what is In-Scope vs Out-of-Scope
  • Deliverable/Milestones
    Overall plans if this is a phased initiative
  • Support Considerations
    Required support of any IS&T or other campus staff resources (servers, interfaces, security, ongoing operational support, etc.)
  • Funding & Future Costs
    Ongoing maintenance costs or five year pro forma when applicable
  • EHR Impact
    Indicate how this solution will be impacted/replaced/integrated into the Epic EHR