Jefferson IT Governance

The Jefferson Information Technology (IT) governance environment is comprised of three primary structures: 1) groups that deal with campus-level IT issues, 2) groups that deal with IT issues pertaining to Thomas Jefferson University, and 3) groups that deal with IT issues pertaining to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The general structures and their relationships, which are shown in the diagram below, are designed to ensure that:

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  • IT activities are aligned with institutional strategic goals
  • Decisions around IT issues are made in a transparent, informed and timely manner according to objective criteria
  • Resources are directed to the highest priorities
  • Closer collaborations are encouraged, especially between the University and Hospital
  • IT planning and financial budgeting cycles are tightly coordinated
  • Communication about significant IT matters is fostered throughout the enterprise

Four campus-level groups have been established: 1) IT Oversight Board, 2) Administrative Systems Advisory Group, 3) Clinical Systems Advisory Group, and 4) Technical Architecture and Directions Advisory Group.  The groups are very important because, at times, there are IT issues that can only be resolved through coordination between University and Hospital stakeholders, decision-makers and IT organizations. Examples of pertinent issues include:  

  • Deployment and use of campus-wide administrative applications including Finance and Human Resources
  • Integration of clinical systems to better share and coordinate information in these systems, particularly data about patients
  • Planning and operation of the campus-wide IT infrastructure including the Web, identity management, user support and other critical areas
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