Campus IT Governance:
Administrative Systems Advisory Group
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Key points about the Administrative Systems Advisory Group are:

  • With the University and Hospital sharing large systems that are critical for business and operations, there needs to be close coordination to ensure the systems are effective, efficient and integrated.
  • Meeting quarterly, the Administrative Systems Group:
    • Surfaces technology needs to support major business processes.
    • Recommends enhancements to existing enterprise systems.
    • Establishes standards and requirements for new applications to ensure compatibility and integration with existing systems and data models.
    • Vets proposals for resources.
    • Prioritizes the replacement of enterprise systems.
    • Recommends the timing of major upgrades to systems.
    • Advises on policy changes that affect the use of technology for business processes and practices.
  • The initial issue set includes:
    • Developing a multi-year timeline for the upgrade or replacement of existing enterprise-wide
      administrative systems.
    • Developing a standard methodology for analyzing and selecting enterprise technologies.
    • Reviewing proposals for new supply chain and one-card systems.
    • Recommending a long-term enterprise-wide administrative system strategy.
    • Working with Jeff IT and Hospital IS to create a long-term plan for enhanced management information
      and analytics.

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