Campus IT Governance:
Clinical Systems Advisory Group
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Key points about the Clinical Systems Advisory Group are:

  • Jefferson's goal to promote a patient-centric model of clinical care across the enterprise, as well as the increased use of electronic medical records, demands standardized processes and data. The purpose of this group is to coordinate efforts to deploy secure, accessible, and consistent technologies that advance clinical practice and patient care.
  • Meeting quarterly, the Clinical Systems Group:
    • Surfaces campus technology needs to support clinical care.
    • Establishes campus standards/requirements for clinical systems to ensure compatibility and integration with existing systems and data models.
    • Seeks ways to use technology to enhance the continuum of care across the Jefferson enterprise.
    • Ensures consistency in data models and definitions across the enterprise.
    • Vets campus-level proposals for resources.
    • Advises on campus policy changes that affect the use of technology for clinical processes and practices.
  • The initial issue set includes:
    • Adopting standard administrative and clinical practices where appropriate, as well as standards for data including common nomenclature across clinical systems within the Jefferson enterprise.
    • Investigating options for achieving a tight level of integration of patient data in distinct clinical systems at Jefferson and develop a plan for achieving this objective.
    • Providing the enabling technology to improve core processes related to patient scheduling, registration, tracking, navigation and education across the Jefferson enterprise.
    • Investigating the requirements for and feasibility of developing a Clinical Data Warehouse for the Jefferson enterprise that incorporates sophisticated data mining tools.

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