Campus IT Governance:
Technical Architecture & Directions Advisory Group
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Key points about the Technical Architecture & Directions Advisory Group are:

  • Coordinates technology policies, standards, and operations across the University and Hospital.
  • Serving as co-sponsors, the CIOs of the University and Hospital appoint the group members. Membership includes senior leaders with responsibility for:
    • Infrastructure, enterprise systems, information security, and support
    • AISR, colleges, and major research centers
  • Meeting quarterly, the Technical Architecture and Directions Group:
    • Reviews proposed changes to IT policies.
    • Coordinates plans for major changes in systems or services that have a cross-campus impact.
    • Recommends standards for shared or common technologies. (e.g., PDAs)
    • Prioritizes potential infrastructure and service improvement projects.
    • Establishes in concert with other committees service and performance standards for major technologies
      and services.
    • Advise the CIOs on the technical implications of proposed projects.
  • The initial issue set includes:
    • Establishing an overall IT architecture for the campus.
    • Establishing standards for cell phones and PDAs.
    • Reviewing the technology requirements for the implementation of the new supply chain management system.
    • Prioritizing infrastructure improvements to the data center.
    • Reviewing enterprise information security policies and plans.
    • Identifying, prioritizing and recommending a sequence of major infrastructure improvement projects.
    • Reviewing plans to improve end user support services provided by both IT organizations and AISR.
    • Reviewing and prioritizing plans to improve network performance (in concert with the research committee).
    • Reviewing disaster recovery plans.

This group consists of the following subcommittees:

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