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Recommended Wireless Cards
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The following are recommended Wireless Cards.

Brand Model PC Make OS Band
Apple Airport Apple 10.5 + A/B/G/N
Apple Airport Apple 10.5 + A/B/G/N
*CISCO Pl21 Any Windows XP + A/B/G
*CISCO CB21 Any Windows XP + A/B/G
Intel 3945 Dell XP + A/B/G
Intel 4965 Dell XP + A/B/G/N
Intel 2200 HP XP + B/G
Broadcom 4321AG HP XP + A/B/G/N
Intel 3945 Sony XP + A/B/G
Intel 4965 Sony XP + A/B/G/N
Intel 3945 Toshiba XP + A/B/G

*Available at the University Bookstore.

Wireless Cards Configuration Instructions

Intel Proset PDF file
Windows 7/Vista PDF file
Macintosh Leopard PDF file
Macintosh Snow Leopard PDF file


date revised 03/12/2013

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