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Resident Directory

  PGY-1 PGY-2 PGY-3 PGY-4 Fellows  


Dr. Shi

Yu Shi, M.D.

Medical School: Dalian Medical University
Professional Interest: Cytopathology
Outside Interest: Chinese go, taichi

Dr. Ly

Vandi Ly, M.D.

Undergraduate: The University of Vermont
Medical School: University of Vermont College of Medicine
Professional Interest:  GI Pathology, Cytopathology, and Hematopathology
Outside Interest: Reading, movies

Dr. Yoo

Janet Yoo, M.D.

Undergraduate: Pennsylvania State College
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Professional Interest:  Dermatopathology, GI Pathology
Outside Interest: Piano, flute, snowboarding, horseback riding, figure skating

Dr. Jackson

Bryon Jackson, M.D., M.H.A.

Undergraduate:  Morehouse College, Atlanta Georgia
Medical School: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Professional Interest:  Clinical Pathology
Outside Interest:  Sports

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Misti M. Coronel MD

Misti M. Coronel M.D.

Undergraduate: Villanova University
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Professional Interest: Surgical Pathology & Microbiology
Outside Interest: Singing, fiction writing, reading, knitting, traveling

Phoebe J. Holmes, MD

Phoebe J. Holmes, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Delaware, Newark
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Professional Interest: Surgical Pathology (Breast, GI)
Outside Interest: Running, opera, photography, watching the food network, but not necessarily cooking...

Jeanne McFalls, MD

Jeanne McFalls, M.D.

Undergrade: Swarthmore College, University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Professional Interest:
Outside Interest: Culinary, track, field

Lindsay R. Simon, MD

Lindsay R. Simon, M.D.

Undergrade: Allegheny College, Meadville
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Professional Interest: Forensic Pathology
Outside Interest: Theater, pool

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Jeffrey Barroso, MD

Jeffrey Barroso, M.D.

Undergrade: Rice University
Medical School: University of Texas - San Antonio
Professional Interests: Surgical Pathology
Outside interests: Running, reading

Ping Gong, M.D. PhD

Ping Gong, M.D. PhD

Undergrade: Nanjing University
Medical School: Nanjing University
Professional Interests: Surgical Pathology
Outside interests: Travel, cooking


Philip Grieshaber, MD

Philip Grieshaber, M.D.

Undergrade: University of Maryland
Medical School: Temple University
Professional Interests: Oncologic & molecular pathology
Outside interests: Baseball, cooking

Wendy Rizzo, MD

Wendy Rizzo, M.D.

Undergrade: Duke University
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Professional Interests: Dermatopathology, surgical pathology
Outside interests: Dancing, traveling

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Mary Queenan, MD

Maria Queenan, M.D.

Hometown: Eastchester, NY
B.Sc., McGill University
M.D., Drexel University

Siraj photo

Siraj El Jamal, M.D.

Medical School: University of Al Fateh
Professional Interest: Hematopathology
Outside interest: reading, traveling, cooking, beekeeping

Mary McDonald, MD

Mary McDonald, M.D.

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
B.A., Middlebury College, BA
M.D. and MPH, Tulane University
Professional interests: Anatomic pathology
Outside interests: Theater, cooking

Sajjad Malik, MD

Sajjad Malik, M.D.

Hometown: Pottsville, PA
B.S., Muhlenberg College
M.D., Drexel University Medical College
Professional interests: Inflammatory and autoimmune disorders
Outside interests: Reading, writing, sports, outdoor activities


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Fellows 2010-2011

Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine Fellow
Julie Kay, MD

Julie Kay, M.D.

Hometown: Malvern, PA
B.A., Duke University
M.D., Jefferson Medical College
Outside interests: Reading, exercise

Cytopathology Fellow
Nicos Nicolau

Nicos Nicolaou, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Leipzig, Germany
Medical School: University of Leipzig Medical University, Germany
Professional Interest:  Cytopathology
Outside Interest: Soccer and Swimming

Hematopathology Fellow
Dr. Ma

Naili Ma, M.D., Ph.D.

Graduate:  University of Sydney, Australia
Medical School: China Medical University, China
Professional Interest: Hematopathology
Outside Interest: Travel, enjoy spending time with family

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Dr. Stephen Peiper

Message from
Stephen Peiper, MD

Chairman &
Peter A. Herbert Professor
Department of Pathology, Anatomy & Cell Biology

Dr. Curtis

Mark Curtis, MD, PhD
Director, Residency Program

1020 Locust Street
279 Jefferson Alumni Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 955-6961

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