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Training Requirements for the Shipment of Infectious Substances

The Federal Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR, 49CFR172) requires that anyone who prepares an infectious substance for transportation, in commerce or is responsible for overseeing the performance of a pre-transportation function must be adequately trained to ship that material.  Infectious substances are substances which are known or are reasonably expected to contain pathogens.  Pathogens are defined as micro-organisms (including bacteria, viruses, rickettsiae, parasites, fungi) and other agents such as prions, which can cause disease in humans or animals.

If your department ships any type of infectious material (pathogens, human tissues, blood, etc.) for clinical or research purposes, only persons who are trained by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety may ship this material.  Anyone responsible for the shipping of infectious materials may register for a training course by going on the Jefferson Intranet at and choosing a date for Biosafety – Shipping Training.


Information regarding the packaging and shipping of biohazardous materials, governmental forms for permits, etc. can be obtained through the following websites:

Packaging and Shipping of Biomedical Material
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Interstate Shipment of Etiologic Agents
Importation Permits for Etiologic Agents

Area Export Office - Telephone number (717) 782-3442
Forms - Telephone number (301) 734-3560

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Phone (301) 734-7830
Fax (301) 734-8226


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