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Volunteers Policy

Policy for Volunteers in Research Laboratories

Institutional regulations require that volunteers working in research laboratories be registered.  A volunteer is defined as any unpaid worker not processed through the Department of Human Resources. This inlcudes but is not limited to: visiting faculty, summer students, international visitors, etc.

Volunteers working in research laboratories must be processed through the Office of Human Research (OHR) rather than Volunteer Services and Patient Information in the Hospital.

The procedure for registering U.S. Citizen and Foreign National volunteers is as follows:

The supervising investigator will provide the volunteer with a letter that includes information about the duty assignment and the expected duration of stay. U.S. Citizens will proceed to OHR, 1015 Chestnut Street, Suite 1100 (Theresa Wilson). Foreign Nationals will first register with the Office of International Exchange Services (Room M-75, JAH), and then proceed to OHR.

OHR will log the volunteer into the database, review job duties and assess the need for immunizations. OHR will provide the volunteer with the proper paperwork and send him/her to University Health Services. University Health Services will administer a PPD test for TB, take an immunization history and administer any immunizations required. Upon completion of their processing, University Health Services will send the volunteer to the Department of Security with an authorization to issue an appropriate I.D. card.

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