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Administrative Fellowship Program

For more than 30 years, our Administrative Fellowship Program has provided recent graduates with the opportunity to join our administrative team and gain practical experience in an urban academic medical center. Our 12-month Administrative Fellowship Program allows fellows to participate in a wide range of projects through which they gain experience in front-line operations and high-level strategic planning.

As a vital part of the Administrative team, the fellow works side-by-side with Jefferson senior leaders and directors to develop management and leadership skills. In return, Jefferson draws on each fellow's unique talents and creative ideas to help implement innovative approaches for delivering high-quality clinical care and services to patients.

Through the Administrative Fellowship Program, Jefferson prepares confident, analytical and dynamic leaders who are equipped to meet the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Structure of the Administrative Fellowship Program

25 Jun

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  • Supplemental Application
  • Recommendation Letters
Prepare for
  • Interviews
  • Testing

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3 Aug

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14 Oct

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Following an orientation process, which includes one-on-one meetings with more than 60 executives of the administrative and medical staff, the fellow identifies and joins several projects of interest. Participation on these projects allows the fellow the unique opportunity to be involved in the organization on strategic and operational levels.

For the past several years, fellows have participated in a wide range of projects, including but not limited to:

  • Coordination of the Administrative Fellowship application and selection processes
  • Participation in Lean projects throughout the campus
  • Development of standardized clinical care pathways
  • Coordination of hospital-wide education initiatives
  • Development of the Patient Flow Management Center
  • Development of Crew Resource Management Program (with the Patient Safety Department and the Perioperative Spine Team)

Goals and Objectives

The Administrative Fellowship Program is designed to provide a broad educational experience in health services management that is consistent with Jefferson's mission. Specific Program objectives include:

  • Providing a comprehensive view of healthcare administration and familiarizing participants with the internal and external factors that affect an administrator's ability to successfully manage
  • Developing and utilizing leadership and management skills
  • Offering hands-on experience in hospital administration through active involvement in Program development and day-to-day operating activities
  • Enabling participants to explore various professional and management opportunities within the healthcare industry



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