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Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services is comprised of a number of services that are designed to help students maximize their academic success.

Academic Skills Consultations

Unlimited one-on-one consulting sessions are available to address academic skills, including, but not limited to, topics like textbook reading, notetaking, time management, and stress management. Any students who would like to enhance their academic performance should schedule a consulting session to determine how to improve their overall study skills or develop a study plan.

Writing Consultations

Consultations are available to help with any aspect of writing, including APA or AMA formatting. Students come to the consultation with drafts of their papers and the writing consultants give them feedback and advice. Academic Support Services also provides large-group programs or one-on-one consultations focused on building writing skill.

To set up an appointment for an academic skills consultation or writing consultation, please contact Brian Cuzzolina, Academic Development Specialist at (215) 503-2787 or


Academic Support Services offers workshops throughout the year. Students will receive a workshop schedule by email. Typical topics explored in workshops include:

  • Test taking
  • Study skills
  • Time management / stress management
  • APA and AMA format issues
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing and revising

The PASS Program

Preparing Academic Success Strategies (PASS) is a non-fee/non-credit course on academic skills like test-taking, studying, memorization, concentration, writing, textbook reading, and time/stress management. The learning is primarily activity-based so that you can choose the strategies that appeal to you and practice them in the ways that suit your style. There are no grades or tuition fees-- the only requirements are your attendance and participation. PASS is great for those people who like to get a "competitive edge" by being mentally prepared before school starts. We especially recommend this program if you have been out of school for more than two years, have ever had difficulty in a science course, or will be juggling a job/family while you attend school.

Student Space

Student Lounge
A student lounge is available for all students. The lounge includes a microwave oven, refrigerator, vending machines, a coffee machine, and a water cooler. Tables and chairs are available for dining or group studying.

Individual Quiet Study Rooms
These carpeted areas with study carrels are isolated from the lounge area to allow for distraction-free studying.