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Disability Accommodations

In an effort to assist students with special needs, the following procedures have been approved:

  • A student requesting accommodation for a disability must submit documentation of that disability to the appropriate Representative. The documentation must
    • Be from an appropriate disabilities specialist
    • Identify a diagnosis
    • Describe the functional limitations of the disability
    • Include the names and scores of testing assessments used to make determinations
    • Include suggested educational recommendations justified by assessments
    • Be less than three years old
  • The student must provide documentation of accommodations (if any) provided at previous academic institutions.
  • The student must request specific accommodations based on the foregoing information.
  • The Representative will meet with faculty in the student’s school or department to determine the appropriateness of the requested accommodation. Deliberations may include other University officials and additional learning disabilities specialists.
  • The Representative and the school and/or academic department will meet with the student to arrange appropriate accommodations.

In most instances, the reasonable accommodation provided is acceptable to the student. However, if that is not the case, students should follow the Student Grievance Procedure outlined in the Student Handbook.  Questions regarding the Disability Accommodations policy should be directed to the appropriate representative.


Jefferson School of Health Professions, Jefferson School of Nursing, Jefferson School of Pharmacy
Director, Student Support and Development (215) 503-2787

Jefferson School of Population Health
Director, Academic and Student Services (215) 955-5459