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Minimum Health Insurance Requirements

2013-14 Minimum Health Insurance Requirements

In order to qualify for a waiver, your insurance must meet at least the following minimum requirements.

  • The plan provides in-patient care in the Philadelphia area.*
  • The plan provides out-patient care in the Philadelphia area.* Coverage for emergency-only care does not satisfy this requirement.
  • The plan provides for ancillary procedures, including laboratory tests and radiology.
  • The plan provides for outpatient and in-patient mental health care in the Philadelphia area.*
  • The plan includes prescription drug coverage.
  • This coverage will remain in force through August 31, 2014.**

    * For students participating in distance learning, coverage must be in effect for your area of permanent residence.

    ** If your insurance will not be in effect for the entire academic year due to a life change event, you may qualify for a partial waiver during the period that your insurance will cover, and will then have to enroll in the school-sponsored insurance plan for the remainder of the academic year.

Please note that full-time international students, including but not limited to those in F-1 or J-1 status, may not qualify for a waiver. Full-time international students must enroll in the school-sponsored insurance plan unless their current plan meets the above minimum requirements AND is approved by the Office of International Affairs.

The University reserves the right to audit all waivers in order to ensure compliance with the University insurance requirements. Please be sure to retain a copy of your insurance policy as you may be asked to provide this documentation.