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School-Sponsored Health Insurance Plan

2013-14 School-Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan

The school-sponsored health insurance plan is through United HealthCare.  Please visit and view the brochure for specific information on the coverage.

Coverage Level Annual Rate
Student $4,248
Student + 1 Dependent (spouse or child) $10,983
Student + 2 or more Dependents $11,854

For annual enrollments, the cost of the insurance will be billed to your student tuition account in two installments – half will be assessed to your fall invoice and half to your spring invoice.  For life change enrollments and spring semester or pre-fall/summer semester enrollments, the cost of the insurance will be billed to your student tuition account in one lump sum.

All enrollments through the school-sponsored health insurance plan are effective through the end of the academic year, August 31st. Please note that your health insurance coverage will NOT be automatically cancelled if you have a change of enrollment with the University. It will remain in effect until August 31st or until you submit a cancellation request in writing to the Office of Student Life.

Information for change of enrollment status with the University

While some students with a change of enrollment wish to keep their health insurance coverage, other students wish to cancel it.  The choice is yours, however, should you wish to cancel your health insurance, you must take action and submit written notification requesting cancellation.   To do so please send an email to and include the following in your email:

  • A statement that you want your health insurance cancelled effective immediately
  • Your full name which will serve as your electronic signature

If we receive a written cancellation request from you as indicated above, then your insurance will be cancelled as of the end of that month and charges will be removed from your student account for the remaining unused coverage period.  You will receive a confirmation from our office that your request has been received and processed.  If you do not receive this confirmation, then that indicates that our office has not received your request.  Should we not receive a written statement from you indicating that you wish to cancel your health insurance coverage, your coverage will remain in place per the policy through August 31st and you will be responsible for the corresponding charges.