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Writing Consultations

Writing consultations are an opportnity to work one-on-one with a professional writing consultant to help you plan, create and strengthen your writing. Below are what to expect during a consultation:

  • During a consultation you will bring two copies of your draft, so both the writer and consultant will have a hardcopy to reference during the session.
  • Each appointment runs a maximum of 60 minutes in length, therefore, due to time constraints the draft may not be read in its entirety; you may be prompted, depending on the size of the assignment, to select what section(s) of the draft you would like to have reviewed.
  • The session will begin with a reading of the draft. The consultant will listen, make notes, ask and typically refer or question something in the text and initiate a discussion.
  •  The discussion can range from clarification on unclear passages to questions about the writer’s decisions on organizing the information and flow of ideas. Often during the session to help the writer’s ideas be as clear as possible the consultant will guide the writer in creating a ‘backwards outline’ to expose the logic and order of the material. Additionally the consultant may offer advice on re-framing sentence structure to better distinguish between the original source/research and the writer’s voice.
  • Of course, these are only a sample of the myriad directions the consultation may go depending on your specific need and quality of your work.
  • Time will be provided at the end of the session to summarize the discussion and reflect on some clear and tangible takeaways for after the session, so the writer can leave knowing what they need to do to finish a strong draft.

To set up an appointment for an academic skills consultation or writing consultation, please contact Brian Cuzzolina, Academic Development Specialist at (215) 503-2787 or