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Consumer Disclosures

The Student Consumer Information Regulations of the United States Department of Education require all colleges and universities to provide their students access to certain information to which they are entitled to as consumers. The links below provide the information outlined for consumer disclosure by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

General Institutional information
·        Academic Programs
·        Faculty
·        Accreditation
·        Instructional Facilities
·        Student Activities
·        Student Body Diversity
·        Textbooks
Title IX Notice

·        Computer Use
·        Copyright Infringement Policy
·        Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
·        Annual Notice to Students Regarding Education Records
·        Leaves of Absence and University Withdrawal
·        Tuition Refund Policy
·        Requirements for Withdrawal
·        Return of Federal Financial Aid
·        Transfer Credit Policy

·        Career Services
·        Disability Resource Center
·        State Education Agencies for Consumer Complaints
·        Voter Registration
            New Jersey

Student Financial Assistance
·        Financial Aid Application Process
·        Cost of Attendance
·        Tuition
·        Scholarship & Grant Information
            Jefferson Schools
            Sidney Kimmel Medical College
·        Loan & Payment Plan Information
            Loan Options
            Payment Plan
·        Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
·        Financial Aid Code of Conduct
·        Financial Aid Contact Information       

Health and Safety
·        Student Personal Counseling Center
·        Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention
·        Vaccinations Policy
            Medical Records/Required Vaccinations
·        Safety and Security Information
·        Fire Safety Information
·        TJU Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Student Outcomes
·        Retention Rates
·        Graduation Rates
·        Job Placement

Catalog/Student Handbook
To find out information on:
        Leaves of Absence and University Withdrawal,
        Transfer Credit Policy,
        Tuition Refund Policy,
        Requirements for Withdrawal,
        Annual Notice to Students Regarding Education Records, and
        FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Please refer to your program's school-specific link below:

Jefferson School of Health Professions
Jefferson School of Nursing
Jefferson School of Pharmacy
Jefferson School of Population Health
Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Sidney Kimmel Medical College