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Student Study Space Protocol

TJU Academic Study Space Protocol

The purpose of this Protocol is to provide you with helpful information about how to locate and request academic study space at Thomas Jefferson University.  As Jefferson’s academic and space needs continue to transition, this Protocol will be amended as required. We will distribute study space updates to all students via e-mail as they become available.

Student Study Spaces are now available without reservation in the following rooms.

We would like to remind you that these are shared open study spaces and all students are required to swipe even if there is someone already in the room. Your swipe will help us to manage safety and security, and monitor space usage.

Jefferson Alumni Hall M roomsM21, M23, M24 and M25 (on the Mezzanine of Jeff Hall) are available via card swipe between the hours of 5:00pm until 2:00am Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday these rooms are available via card swipe between 8:00am and 2:00 am.

JAH M Classrooms 006

Hamilton Rooms – 214, 215, 216 & 219 will be unlocked and available for open study space between 8am and 12midnight, unless otherwise in use for a class or event. Availability of these rooms can be checked via (

Students using the Hamilton classrooms as study space must show their Jefferson ID, sign-in at the Security Desk with their name and Campus Key, indicate in which room they will be studying and sign-out when they leave. Students who do not sign-out maintain responsibility for that room.

Hamilton Classroom

Lobbies and open common areas are available for study according to the building's operation hours unless otherwise in use for other events. 

Students using general areas such as the lobby areas on the first, second and fourth floors of Hamilton as study space must show their Jefferson ID, sign-in at the Security Desk with their name and Campus Key, indicate in what area they will be studying and sign-out when they leave. 


Scott Building Collaborative Study Rooms

Whether you like studying alone or with a group, the Student Collaborative Rooms in the Scott Memorial Library are the rooms for you!

Second Floor Study Collaboration Rooms

  • There are ten individual study rooms along the East and West walls of the second floor.
  • The six student collaboration rooms along the west side of the second floor of Scott Library are unlocked and available any time between 8am and 2am. 
  • Like to plan ahead?  Jefferson students may make reservations for the four rooms along the East side of the second floor.  View the reservation policiesMake that reservation now.

More information about study space on campus can be found in the Insider's Guide to Study Space.

We will monitor the needs and use of all study space on campus to ensure that adequate study space is available to all TJU students.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. 

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