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Admission Deadline Dates


Application Requirements

Click on the link to the right for application requirements. All required documents, including letters, transcripts, and personal statement, must be sent to NursingCAS. Certifications and licenses must be sent to our office in a digital format. If applicable, official test score reports must be requested from a testing agency and submitted to our office. Please read through these requirements carefully.


Deadline Fall entry       Spring Entry        Summer Entry

To be considered complete and eligible for review, a NursingCAS application must be verified with required letters, transcripts, and personal statement, as well as all applicable documents (certifications, test scores, etc.) submitted in the directed manner and received by our office by the program deadline date. The Jefferson Supplemental Application will be sent by email after the NursingCAS application has been downloaded by our office. Please note that the NursingCAS verification process can take 4-6 weeks. It is important to keep this information in mind when determining if you will meet the deadline.


Fall 2016 deadline - June 1, 2016 Spring 2016 deadline - October 15, 2015 Summer 2016 deadline - February 15, 2016

On Campus

Leadership LIVE is a leadership development program for all Jefferson students that consists of workshops, special events, and community service opportunities. Learn more about Leadership LIVE on their website.

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