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Traditional Prelicensure
BSN Prerequisites

You need not complete all prerequisites before you apply, but the majority should be completed before an admissions decision can be made. All prerequisites must be completed before you enter the program.

 GPA: 3.0 overall and science GPA strongly recommended

Course Credit
Anatomy & Physiology I1 w/Lab 4
Anatomy and Physiology II1 w/Lab 4
Chemistry I w/Lab 4
Chemistry II or Biochemistry2 w/Lab 4
Microbiology3 4
Math4 3
Statistics 3
English Composition5 3
English Elective6 3
General Psychology 3
Developmental/Child Psychology 3
Abnormal Psychology 3
Introduction to Sociology 3
Nutrition 3
Logic, Philosophy, Ethics, Critical Thinking7 6
Electives8 6
Total credits 59

1 8 credits of A&P I and II or 4 credits of Human Anatomy and 4
   credits of Human Physiology. Labs must be included.
4 credits of General Chemistry II or Biochemistry accepted.
4 credits of Microbiology Lecture and Lab required.
College Algebra or Higher accepted.
Waived if exempt in lower division program. Replaced with
   equal number of English Elective credit.
Composition II, Literature, or Speech Communications accepted.
Includes Logic, American Culture, Ethnic Studies, Ethics, Critical
   Thinking, or Philosophy. Does NOT include History or Religion.
May include Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences.

Course Clarification: All science courses must be completed within 10 years of application to Jefferson. Courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or above to be eligible for transfer. A grade of “C-“ or below will not be eligible for transfer.

Acceptable elective courses are theory-based, not performance-based, coursework.  For example; we will accept Introduction to Music but not Piano, and we will accept Introduction to Art but not Painting.  We will not accept coursework that is remedial or review in nature, Physical Education or Technical courses.  Coursework may include Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Foreign Languages, Science, Math, Business, and History.

In addition to meeting all academic requirements, students must meet all performance requirements for the program. Visit the Performance Requirements/Technical Standards page for details.

The curriculum for the Prelicensure BSN program is outlined here.

*Course Acceptance Subject to Academic Counselor Approval
Questions? 1-877-JEFF-247 or (215) 503-8890

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