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Bioscience Technologies

Technical standards are the fundamental abilities that are absolutely necessary to perform the activities requisite to obtaining credit for education and subsequent entry-level employment in the field. Technical standards are based on the competency, proficiency and/or skill standards set forth by accrediting and professional organizations appropriate to each of the Bioscience Technologies programs. The technical standards of the Department do not preclude the use of an assistive device or devices, alternative means to aid in or evaluate the performance of essential functions, or program time extensions necessary to accomplish the requirements of the program. Such accommodation must be requested in a timely manner, and must be documented, reasonable, appropriate and available to the Department and/or the student.

Technical Standards of the Department of Bioscience Technologies are:

  1. The ability to observe and participate in classroom exchanges, demonstrations, experiments and other learning venues in the applicable laboratory discipline or in interdisciplinary didactic and clinical settings.
  2. The ability to analyze, synthesize, solve problems and reach interpretive judgments.
  3. Sufficient use of the senses of vision, hearing, somatic sensation and motor movement necessary to learn and perform applicable laboratory procedures and associated data management in the classroom, clinical or research setting.
  4. The ability to communicate electronically, in writing and verbally with faculty, other students and professional colleagues with accuracy, clarity, efficiency and timeliness.
  5. Sufficient cognitive and physical ability to comply with physical, chemical and biohazard precautions.

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